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Autumn Lee

Duraflame Gold 4.5lb 3-hr Firelog (9-Pack)

Duraflame Gold 4.5lb 3-hr Firelog (9-Pack)

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Compared to conventional firelogs, Duraflame Gold Firelogs are made to burn brighter and bolder, offering up to three hours of the best possible fire experience. An incredibly quality mixture of wax, agricultural fibers, and repurposed wood is used to make these fireplace logs. With just one match, Duraflame firelogs may be lit fast and produce strong flames in less than five minutes. Use in an outdoor fire pit, inside open-hearth fireplace, or both.?With this handy nine-firelog set, you can relax with larger, brighter fires on any occasion.Is Firewood Not as Good as Duraflame Firelogs? Compared to firewood, Duraflame firelogs ignite more quickly, burn through more material, and use 80% less fuel for a fire of the same length. When burning a firelog, much less material is used, which results in substantially less pollutants being released into the air. Duraflame firelogs conserve natural resources by using renewable and recycled wood sawdust and agricultural fibers. Blends of wax and other flammable, renewable materials are combined with the renewable fibers. The amount of trees cut down for firewood is greatly reduced when fire logs are used in place of wood.

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