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Autumn Lee

EdgeStar KC1000SS Kegerator

EdgeStar KC1000SS Kegerator

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Keep your keg convenient and cold with the EdgeStar Craft Brew Kegerator. This stainless steel unit makes efficient use of space and has the capacity to hold a 1/6 barrel or 1 Cornelius keg with ease. This mini fridge's air-cooled environment will keep your beverages as cold as 32 degrees F without freezing them. The sturdy, durable door looks great and will hold up over the life of the unit. The interior light is an impressive blue LED, illuminating your beverages in a flattering light for all your parties. Choosing the appropriate setting is easy with this modern digital thermostat. This craft brew kegerator also includes a 2.5-inch stainless steel beer tower and stainless steel faucet. Keep your drinks icy cold with the convenient 2.5 pound CO2 tank that sits inside the kegerator. No party is complete without the EdgeStar Stainless Steel Craft Brew Kegerator.

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