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Autumn Lee

Mighty Mint 16 oz Peppermint Oil Rodent Repellent Spray

Mighty Mint 16 oz Peppermint Oil Rodent Repellent Spray

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Get rid of mice, rats, and more without poisons or traps! Mighty Mint Rodent Repellent is a natural spray created to keep rodents from your home without compromising on safety. It is safe to use around dogs, cats, and people when used as directed. This formula is made with natural peppermint essential oil - a proven effective natural deterrent for mice and other rodents. The secret to Mighty Mint is the incredible repellent power of real Northwest peppermint oil. This formula improves upon traditional peppermint repellents with a special blend of plant-based ingredients. The scent is pleasant to humans, but irritating to unwanted pests. Just a few sprays every few days is enough to keep mice and or other rodents away. Useful for homes, kitchens, garages, storage areas, car engine cables - anywhere that needs to be protected. For best results, use as a preventative measure before rodents have nested.

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